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St. Alban's Episcopal Church

In 2012, we began a mission that's very special to us -- to help children in Bay County read at their grade level and even surpass their grade level. We know that reading, and enjoying reading, can open up a number of positive doors in a child's future. Our Reading Camp does not include any religious teachings; our focus is to ensure campers build confidence and learn reading skills that will help them in both school and life. 

On our slideshow, you'll find happy faces from our previous Reading Camps. In addition to 15 hours of instruction during the week, we provide daily field trips and activities as well as exciting guest readers!  The campers have fun solving word mysteries, tackling art projects, enjoying music concerts, reading to canine companions, and they have even learned dances while participating in reading skill groups and creating their own stories.

For our classrooms, we focus our literacy activities on learning sight words, comprehension, phonics, writing, and fluency. 

All volunteers will have to complete Safeguarding God's Children or similar training in advance, which will be arranged for you.

We are very happy to announce Reading Camp 2022 is happening!  We will be adhering to COVID-safe guidelines and stay tuned to learn our theme!  Contact us to sign up, volunteer, or learn more about our wonderful program!